Monstrosities Packshot by Uppercussion


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MONSTROSITIES is an aggressive drum kit library designed for the times when you get angry and need to create music. These kits are dirty, distorted, processed, over-processed, disturbing, and sometimes hostile.

The destructive power of the kits in this collection includes a wide range of wrathful kicks, snares, cymbals, hits, strikes, bashes, roars, blasts, and industrial accidents. Side effects of using these kits may include: aggravation, irritability, inspiration overload, and an uncontrollable urge to play faster and louder. All included Maschine kits and samples are tagged for the Maschine browser.


  • 50 Drum Kits
  • 800 Drum & One Shot Samples
  • 24-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV Files
  • 210 MB


  • 101 Kicks
  • 110 Snares
  • 87 Hihats
  • 80 Cymbals
  • 53 Claps
  • 48 Toms
  • 35 Shakers
  • 49 Percussion
  • 78 Strikes
  • 39 Hits
  • 19 Metal
  • 17 Distortions
  • 15 Noises
  • 15 SFX
  • 13 Drills
  • 41 Misc One Shots


  • Maschine Expansion Pack
  • MPC Expansion Pack
  • FL Studio FPC Kits
  • Kontakt Patches
  • Battery Kits
  • EXS24 / Sampler Patches
  • Geist Expander
  • NN-XT Patches
  • Single WAV Files

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The Ableton Live Pack of this library is only available as a separate purchase through Ableton. The Live Pack has additional content including Live Clips, macro controls, and MIDI patterns for every kit. Click on the button below to purchase from the Ableton website.

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