MPC Expansion Packs

All Uppercussion packs include the MPC Software format by AKAI. All MPC drum kits come in the form of MPC Expansion Packs.

  • The MPC Expansion Packs can be used in both the full version of the MPC Software and in the free MPC Beats.*
  • MPC Expansion Packs contain all of the drum kits and samples in the sound packs and integrate them into the MPC software. All expansion packs can be accessed in the Expansions Browser within the software.
  • After installing the expansion packs, the MPC browser can be used to easily find individual samples (arranged by sound type) and drum kits.
  • MPC drum kits use the Drum Program format with samples assigned to the first 16 cells in the pad bank.
  • The drum kits are mapped using the classic MPC drum kit mapping, with the kick, snare and hihats typically on the bottom row.
  • Drum pad cells are color coded based on the sound sample type.

The MPC Expansion Packs are installed by simply dragging the expansion pack file (.xpn) anywhere into the software window and the sound pack will be imported.

*The MPC Expansion Packs are only for AKAI software and not for standalone hardware MPC units (such as the MPC4000). However all products have folders with the individual WAV samples sorted by sound type and can be used by adding the samples to the hardware units manually. For older MPC hardware models that only support 16-bit samples, the 24-bit samples would first need to be converted in order to use the samples.