Battery Kits

All Uppercussion packs include the Battery format by Native Instruments.

  • Battery Drum Kits are provided for both Battery 3 and Battery 4 in separate folders.
  • The samples in the drum kits are all tagged for the Battery 4 browser with:
    • Sound Category (drums, percussion, one shots, and single notes)
    • Sound Type (kick, snare, closed/open hihat, clap, bass, vocal, etc.)
    • (Sample tagging is only available in Battery 4)
  • The Battery kits are also tagged by kit type (Battery 4 only).
  • The cells in all of the drum kits are color coded, matching the Native Instruments sample sound type coloring scheme used for Battery kits.
  • All Battery kits use a similar drum mapping layout useful for finger drumming, and the drum kits can easily be switched out with each other while keeping the same drum sample assignments.

The Battery Kit installation instructions are included with the sound packs.