Ableton Live Kits

Most Uppercussion packs include the Ableton Live drum kit format.*

  • All Ableton Live Packs require at least Ableton Live 9 and above.
  • Drum kits use the Ableton Live Drum Rack format.
  • The drum kits are mapped using the General MIDI drum layout as close as possible, matching the standard arrangement that Ableton uses for drum kits. While the main drum sample types are almost always covered in this arrangement (e.g. a kick drum on C1, a snare drum on D1, etc.), it is usually not possible to match every drum sound type exactly to the General MIDI specs, so the remaining sounds are mapped to the closest possible fit.
  • Each Drum Rack cell has eight Macro Controls assigned to it, which include filters, compressors, EQ, pitch, and volume envelope adjustment controls.

The Ableton Live Pack installation instructions are included with the sound packs.

*The only sound packs that do not include the Ableton Live format are sold separately directly through the Ableton website, or are included with the Ableton Live factory library. For an overview of these packs, check out the Uppercussion Live Packs page.