Geist Kits

All Uppercussion packs include the Geist Kit format by FXpansion.

  • The Geist Kits are usable in both Geist 1 and Geist 2.
  • The drum kits can be opened with the Geist browser by locating the kit directory on the left side and dragging them into the 16-cell drum pad area.
  • Each of the Geist drum pad cells is named with the sound type of the assigned drum sample.
  • All Geist drum kits are mapped in a similar way, using the classic finger drumming kit layout with the main drum samples on the bottom row. In this way, the kits can be easily switched out among each other while keeping the same MIDI pattern in the Geist sequencer.

The Geist Kits are loaded by simply dragging the .geistkit files directly into Geist using the integrated file browser, no need for any additional installation steps.