Kontakt Kits

All Uppercussion packs include the Kontakt instrument format by Native Instruments.

  • All Kontakt drum kits require the full version of Kontakt 4 or later.*
  • The Kontakt Kits are not compatible with the free Kontakt Player. The full version of Kontakt is necessary to access the drum kit libraries.
  • Each of the 16 samples in the drum kits is assigned to its own separate Kontakt group within the instrument patch. The groups are named with the same name as the sample sound type for that group.
  • All drum kits are mapped from C1 to D#2 (MIDI note numbers 36 through 51), corresponding to the drum mapping layout of similar 16-sample drum kits for software samplers.

The Kontakt kits can be accessed by simply dragging the .nki files directly into Kontakt, or by using the Kontakt browser.

*The format information above is for the Kontakt drum kits that come with all standard sample packs. The unique Kontakt drum machine versions of the Digicussion product series require Kontakt 5.4.1 or later. They are specialized Kontakt Instruments with a full graphical interface, a built-in sequencer, drum patterns, sound editing controls for every sample, and master effects for the entire kit. You can check them out here.