Maschine Kits

All Uppercussion packs include the Maschine kit format by Native Instruments.

  • All Maschine Expansion Packs require Maschine 2 (Maschine 1 is no longer supported).
  • Each WAV sample is tagged in the Maschine browser with the following:
    • Sound Category (drums, percussion, one shots, and single notes)
    • Sound Type (kick, snare, closed/open hihat, clap, bass, vocal, etc.)
    • Product Info
  • Every Maschine drum kit is tagged with the Kit Type and Product Info.
  • All of the cells in the 16-sample drum kits are color coded to match the Native Instruments sound type color coding scheme for Maschine. The colors can be seen on the Maschine hardware drum pads as well as in the sounds and sequencing rows in the Maschine software.
  • The drum kit layout is setup to match the Maschine kit classic finger drumming arrangement, with the main drum sounds on the bottom rows and the additional sounds in the upper rows. Due to the different types of sounds needed for different genres and concepts, the drum sample layout is not exactly the same among the different sound packs, but they match as close as possible for seamless switching from one drum kit to another.

The Maschine Expansion Pack installation instructions are included with the sound packs.