Powerhouse Packshot by Uppercussion


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POWERHOUSE brings the sounds of punchy Electro House with 60 digital drum kits and 51 fully mapped sampled synth instruments. The kits include lots of bold kicks, big snares, tight hihats and shakers, claps both big and subtle, nuanced percussion and toms, and one shots from stabs and blips to impacts and sweeps.

The sampled synth instrument patches in the library include bold huge leads and low aggressive basses and pads. All instruments are mapped across the full keyboard range and are available in all supported formats that allow playable instrument patches.


  • 60 drum kits
  • 51 sampled synth instruments
  • over 1900 samples
  • 24-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files
  • 1.5 GB


  • Maschine Expansion Pack
  • Ableton Live Pack
  • MPC Expansion Pack
  • FL Studio FPC Kits
  • Kontakt Patches
  • Battery Kits*
  • EXS24 / Sampler Patches
  • Geist Expander*
  • NN-XT Patches
  • Single WAV Files

Note: *Battery and Geist formats only include the drum kits as these platforms do not support instrument patches.

The audio demos use additional effects such as reverb and sidechain compression that are not part of the original kits and instruments.

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