Filth Packshot by Uppercussion


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FILTH is a Grime expansion pack sample library of 41 drum kits caked with dirty kicks, smacking snares, precise hihats & claps, tart percussion, abrasive one shots, and caustic synth note and synth stab samples.

This sample pack has many distorted kick drums as well as short, tight snare hits, both analog and acoustic. The synth notes and stabs are similarly full of dirty, overdriven and saturated synth samples.

The expansion pack has all Maschine kits and samples tagged for use with the Maschine browser. The MPC Expansion pack has all MPC kits and samples organized for the software browser. All drum kits for all formats use a similar sample mapping for easily switching among them during production. All single note samples are looped with loop markers in the individual wav file headers.


  • 41 Drum Kits
  • 656 Drum & One Shot Samples
  • 110 Single Bass, Lead and Pad Note Samples
  • 24-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV Files
  • 275 MB


  • 93 Kicks
  • 134 Snares
  • 75 Hihats
  • 65 Claps
  • 30 Percussion
  • 18 Cymbals
  • 17 Shakers
  • 11 Toms
  • 39 Strikes
  • 25 Vocals
  • 22 Blips
  • 20 Zaps
  • 15 Metal
  • 60 Stabs
  • 43 Bass Notes
  • 55 Lead Notes
  • 12 Pad Notes
  • 32 Misc One Shots


  • Maschine Expansion Pack
  • Ableton Live Pack
  • MPC Expansion Pack
  • FL Studio FPC Kits
  • Kontakt Patches
  • Battery Kits
  • EXS24 / Sampler Patches
  • Geist Expander
  • NN-XT Patches
  • Single WAV Files

All sounds in the audio demos are included with this library. The demos use additional effects such as reverb and compression that are not part of the original kits.

Individual samples from this library are also available on

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